Anti​-​Socialite EP

by Anti-Socialite

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work was put in


released December 9, 2016

Album Art by Caitlin Sullivan

Mixed and Mastered by Brad Racine

Lyrics and Music by Anti-Socialite

Thanks to Tammy and Jon ( Brad's Parents ), to Eddie/Azalea, to D and Robert, Alex's parents and the most marvelous thanks to Warren Huart for his tutorials on YouTube on how to record/mix and master tracks. Last but the least, Us.



all rights reserved


Anti-Socialite Victorville, California

Alex Svastits - Vocals, Guitar

Brad Racine - Drums

Cesar Marquez - Guitar

Donovan Jones - Bass

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Track Name: Obsessed
Diamond eyes and porcelain skin,
I’ve trapped myself in you again.
I want to give in.
‘Cause when you left me all alone,
I tore the walls in my mind.
Eyes that turned my heart to stone,
Choke me all the time.
Days go by and I’m left,
Remembering your face,
How it cried from your pain.
I ripped out my heart and severed my nerves,
So I don’t feel a thing.
So you don’t miss me.
‘Cause when I left you all alone,
You tore the walls in your mind.
Eyes that turned your heart to stone,
Have no effect anymore.
Track Name: Half Moon
Calm and crisp are the ways of the wind,
Bright in youth is the sight of the moon.
The breeze through the leaves,
Is like wind through her hair,
And the stars represent her stare.
You are the sun and I am the moon.
I’m nothing without you.
Grief, the train, whistles through this town,
Longing for her touch,
Rumbles the ground. .
I’ve periled my heart by giving many nights to our love
So let the trees sing your name out.
Let the clouds be your embrace.
I will hear your voice in the breeze,
Gently singing me to sleep.
So let the trees sing your name out,
Let the clouds be your embrace.
I will sleep when I see, .
Your shape in the silhouette of the trees.
You are the sun and I am the moon.
I’m nothing without you.
Track Name: Dull
Well, I was thinking.
If you feel the same,
Then why do my hands shake between goodbyes?
And why do my eyes sting?
“Don’t let me down,”
She said as I started to flee.
Don’t let me drown.
My mind can be so suffocating.
Oh dear, shed a tear for me.
For I want to hear you scream.
“Don’t let me down,”
She said but I already fled.
Just let me drown,
I have already suffocated.
Track Name: Chaos
You said I’d never be,
Anything more than a creep.
You mean the world to me,
You’ve got me hanging on a string.
You’ve got a tongue to speak,
But you don’t use it well.
You’ve got hands to touch,
But you’ve never used them for love.
I’m tired of feeling lost.
I don’t exist in peace.
Chaos is all I’ve got.
Go away.
Track Name: Movement
“I love you,”
Waltzed perfectly of your lips.
Each word in tune,
Made a beautiful composition.
I love you, I do.
Or the echo of you.
I won’t waste my time,
Throwing coins into water,
‘Cause wishes don’t come true.
Track Name: Midnight
Give me personality,
Give me some purpose.
I like your midnight eyes showing,
Where the hurt is.
I’d like to wear your smile,
And steal your strength.
I like you in the sunlight.
And in the pouring rain.
Stretch me apart.
I like to feel the pain.
Give my bones another cheer,
For withstanding your weight.
You can hurt me if you please,
Well, It’s alright.
You’re in every piece of my mind.
You can hurt me if you please,
Well, It’s alright.
I’ve got the time.
Track Name: Andy
Andy lays on his pillow every night.
Listening to his parents’ routine fight.
His eyes are heavy,
From the lack of silence.
And he wonders why.
All he thinks about is violence.
All the blood and torn flesh turn him on,
But it doesn’t feel so wrong.
You won’t find him tonight.
Looking for release,
He goes out at night.
Hypnotized by flesh,
He turns to the moonlight,
“I will cleanse this wretched place,
For my knife will be their fate.”
You won’t find him tonight.